Helados Jauja

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ICE-CREAM genuinely crafted from scratch the old-fashioned artisan way from only real ingredients; no gelatine, premixes, colouring or flavouring. Featuring homemade dulce de leche, Belgian chocolate, yerba mate, rosewater with roasted pistachios, caramelised pear, soursop with fresh mint leaves and even durian, this ice-creamery is delicious like no other. Argentinian by heritage, each symphony of ingredients is meticulously designed to tango your palette. The interior is intimately rustic, with cosy latin american tunes on play. And as if that alone is not enticing enough, this heladeria serves up solid milkshakes, good coffee from locally roasted beans and rich hot chocolate. A Lygon Street gem. The pictured rosewater ice-cream with pan-roasted pistachios and swirls of fresh raspberries is leading the way in a series that is killing it in terms of variation and flavour!

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