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A timepiece does more than tell the time. It says something about you, about your personal style and about who you are. A timepiece also tells a story – whether it be because it is an heirloom passed down from one generation to another, because it is a gift from someone special representing a milestone or perhaps because it is a holiday souvenir and reminder of your travels.

No matter what your personal timepiece style is – something classic that reflects a bygone era and won’t date or something a little more contemporary that can be tailored to be a little more individual – buying a timepiece is like purchasing a piece of art. It is subjective and, once you’ve made your decision, if you look after your purchase, it may even grow in value.

But whatever it is that you do find, if you’ve chosen well, you can be assured that your timepiece will be timeless. For all your timepiece needs, visit J Farren-Price.

Patek Philippe

Calatrava ‘Timeless White’ Reference 7122


The ‘blanc de blanc’ of feminine elegance…

This modern, all-white diamond-set mechanical ladies’ timepiece showcases a highly innovative design, which even decades from now will retain its feminine grace when it is handed down to a granddaughter some day.

It expresses the Patek Philippe philosophy, which since 1839 has focused on indicating the time, not just as accurately as possible, but also in a timelessly beautiful way.

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J Farren-Price 80 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000

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