South Melbourne and Albert Park

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Clement Set in a prime position at South Melbourne Market, this boutique coffee shop has its own distinctive beans, and a handful of mini cakes that raise the bar each week.

Paloma Bleu This fashion hangout retains the ‘Melbourne look’ with dangling lights, bouquets of flowers and artwork overlooking the selected racks. New York favourites Demy Lee, Rachel Comey and Steven Alan are the pick of the bunch.

Albert Park Hotel Oyster Bar and Grill While tucking into your oysters and sipping exclusive Moët, gaze up at the decorative lampshades made from lobster pots to savour the experience. Then try the White Chocolate Passionfruit Martini for good measure.

Beggar Man Thief There has never been a classier men’s footwear outlet from which to hit the streets of South Melbourne, or Melbourne in general. Handmade shoes (Grenson of England, Loake Shoemakers) handsomely decorate the walls.
Beggar Man Thief

Montague Park Foodstore This place is hard to miss, particularly due to its location, which finds it exposed on a busy South Melbourne corner. Huevos Rancheros with spiced peppers, tomato, coriander, avocado and fried egg on tortillas is what you should ask for.

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