Victoria’s prized gems

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Living in Victoria’s fashionable capital, Melburnians pride themselves remarkably on appearance – it says a lot about who we are. Our personality. Our style. And, quite frankly, our innate love of all things fashion, art, design and culture: it’s in our blood. But look closer. Zoom in on the shiny little pieces that pull our outfits together. Dangling from our ears, hanging from our necks or bunched up on our arms (by the bundle) are shimmering jewels, wristbands, cuffs, pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings.
Jewellery plays a catalyst role in the make-up of our outfits, and at home in Victoria and Melbourne alike are limitless jewellery stores, boutiques, galleries and showrooms that will have you adorned in spectacular designs. No matter what your taste or preference, you will find that special necklace or sparkling ring that is just right for you.
Melbourne’s top-end, most exclusive jewellery stores begin on Collins Street. Renowned for significant fashion and arresting designs, Collins Street is home to some of our most notable fashion boutiques with Jan Logan a case in point. Part of the appeal and success that has seen the likes of Rose Byrne and Naomi Watts in Jan Logan pieces is that the designer creates pieces that she would wear herself. Her philosophy is: if she isn’t comfortable in something, how could she expect anyone else to be? The studio ensures that only the highest quality materials are used to create exquisite works based on elegance, simplicity and enduring value.
Rose Byrne wears Jan Logan
Not too far from Collins Street, nestled in the heart of Howey Place in the city, sits a quaint boutique salon specialising in authentic antique and vintage jewellery. Owner James Alfredson has a fond appreciation for period jewellery and opened his own boutique in 2008. James Alfredson Jewellers includes period pieces ranging from bracelets to brooches, rings and pendants that date back to Georgian, art deco and the 1960s.
Further into the heart of the city resides a typically Melburnian gallery that encompasses the work of 50 of Australia and New Zealand’s best artists and designers. Working with a wisely selected range of gifted artists, e.g.etal’s philosophy is to capture the very essence of contemporary jewellery design, and that it does. Presenting a series of subtle brooches from the talented Jill Hermans through to the harmonious blend of obscure material, such as sandblasted metal sheet and recycled bamboo, from Melissa Cameron, the welcoming staff at e.g.etal work together with the designers to accommodate the needs of the client.
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Equipped with style, elegance and a touch of cool, Melburnians are spoilt for choice by impressive boutiques and jewellers when they need to find that perfect ring, necklace or brooch. To discover a wide selection of rustic or demure pieces, vintage antiques or high-end, classic one-of-a-kind pieces, saunter the streets of Melbourne and let the laneways lead you.
Words: Rebecca Volpe

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